[FieldTrip] Cluster analysis on correlation statistics

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Hi Chris,

I wrote some functions for doing this a while ago and would be happy to share them.

Re: t stat vs r - as I understand it you can permute any statistic you want, it doesn't have to be a t or f. The montecarlo method for solving the multiple comparisons problem is not dependent on your choice of statistic (right guys?).

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Hello again,

Just to clarify my last email: I'm referring to correlation between either single trial data within subject, or averaged ERPs across subjects, with a behavioral variable. Not linear regression across conditions as is already implemented in the ft_statfun_depsamplesregrT function.

Many thanks

Dr Christopher Brown
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Dear all

I would like to use the cluster analysis functions in Fieldtrip on correlation statistics. I note there has been some discussion about this on this list in the past but I haven't come across the necessary ft_statfun_corr function to allow this analysis. It would be great if somebody has this code and could share it with me; otherwise, I will embark on writing it myself and sharing my results with everyone for feedback. Being new to Fieldtrip I would greatly appreciate any collaborative help with this. May I check my understanding on something before getting started: To allow for multiple comparisons correction using monte carlo for example, as part of a cluster analysis, I presume the output of the function must be t values rather than correlation coefficients? Any other hints as to how to write this are most welcome.

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