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The 129 channel version includes the Cz electrode, the 128 version does not.

Unfortunately these electrode positions did not work well for me. I assumed the coordinates are in MNI space (and I might be wrong here). But when I fit it to the template of the MNI head the electrodes do not match. The frontal part is ok, but the parietal electrodes disappear into the head. Looks like the reference head is too small. The electrode positions have to be rearranged manually.

I found a template file in spm12 (might also be around in spm8) in ./spm12/EEGtemplates/egi128_GSN_HydroCel.sfp (here the 128 version includes the Cz electrode). This fits perfectly onto the MNI template head.

Maybe someone with more experience can verify this discrepancy?


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Dear Rajat,

You can find one in fieldtrip/template/electrode/GSN-HydroCel-128.sfp. Note that there is also a 129 channel version, I don’t know the detailled difference. See http://fieldtrip.fcdonders.nl/template/electrode for the documentation.

best regards,

On 01 Dec 2014, at 15:31, Rajat Thomas <r.thomas at nin.knaw.nl> wrote:
​Dear all,

Is there anywhere I could download a Easycap 128 channel electrode
coordinate file? On the website of easycap there is only the 64 channel.



Rajat Mani Thomas
Social Brain Lab
Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
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