[FieldTrip] .dat files from intan to usable file format in fieldtrip

Julia Basso jb4590 at nyu.edu
Thu Dec 11 19:50:20 CET 2014


I am using the intan system (http://intantech.com/) to collect my EEG
data.  The data files I have collected from this system are .dat files.

I would now like to use fieldtrip to analyze this data, but need a way to
convert the .dat files into a usable file format for fieldtrip.

I was wondering if anyone has a script for this or has done this before and
could offer me advice.



*Julia C. Basso, PhDPost-doctoral Research AssociateNew York
UniversityCenter for Neural ScienceSuzuki Laboratorywww.suzukilab.com
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