[FieldTrip] problems in the fieldtrip2fiff function

Mikel Lizarazu m.lizarazu at bcbl.eu
Wed Dec 3 11:43:36 CET 2014

Hi all, 
I would like to convert a Fieldtrip raw data structure to a .fif file, so I can do further analysis using Neuromag software. I am trying to use the fieldtrip2fiff function as in the example, but it is not working: 

cfg = []; 
cfg.dataset = 'test.fif'; 
data = ft_preprocessing(cfg) 


This is the error I am getting: 

??? Error using ==> fiff_start_file at 35 
Permission denied 

Error in ==> fiff_start_writing_raw at 54 
fid = fiff_start_file(name); 

Error in ==> fieldtrip2fiff at 124 
[outfid, cals] = fiff_start_writing_raw(fifffile, info); 

I checked this problem in the discussion list and it seems to be unsolved.I downloaded the newest version of Fieldtrip and I checked the writing permissions of my OS (the function [fid, message]=fopen('new_test.fif','w+','ieee-be') works fine). 
Maybe you are using another code or you have modified this function. Thank you for your time. 


Mikel Lizarazu 
Predoctoral researcher 

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