[FieldTrip] cfg.plotlabels and ft_databrowser

Alik Widge alik.widge at gmail.com
Fri Sep 27 21:57:17 CEST 2013

I have pounded on this one from a few different angles and even gone and
looked at the source, and still can't quite figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I have a datafile from an eXimia TMS-EEG system. Right now, all I'm trying
to do is load it up and inspect the data a bit to get a sense of how badly
artifacted it is. So:


cfg = [];
cfg.blocksize = 30;         % num of seconds to display at once
cfg.continuous = 'yes';     % not yet cut into trials
cfg.plotlabels = 'some';
cfg.viewmode = 'vertical';
cfg.colorgroups = 'chantype';

cfg.dataset = [DataDir filesep EEGFile];
cfg.channel = {'EEG'};



This does 90% of what it ought to do -- it shows me the EEG channels (no
triggers or EOG), 30 second segments at a time. What it does *not* do is
label the channels along the y-axis so that I can readily tell which one is
Pz, F3, O1, etc., etc. I am pretty sure that's what cfg.plotlabels is
supposed to do, and yet, it does not. I've also tried doing this as
ft_databrowser(cfg,data), where I explicitly make sure that data.label
contains the correct channel names, and that *still* doesn't work.

I'm aware that this was marked as a bug before, but bugzilla shows it
closed long ago, before r7276 that I'm using I believe.

MATLAB r2013a on OS X, if it matters.

Am I simply misunderstanding what this cfg argument does or how to use it?

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alik.widge at gmail.com
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