[FieldTrip] Fwd: BERLIN: Cutting EEG Symposium - February 2014

Maximilien Chaumon maximilien.chaumon at gmail.com
Tue Sep 24 15:45:23 CEST 2013

Dear EEGLAB and FIELDTRIP community,
We are pleased to announce our symposium on EEG analysis methods. Bellow is
the announcement.


                                 Berlin School of Mind and Brain****


*Cutting EEG 2014
**Symposium on cutting-edge methods in EEG research for the study of


*Date: 19-21 February 2014*
*Venue: Berlin School of Mind and Brain, Luisenstra├če 56, Festsaal, 10117

This symposium will be at the same time a forum for leading researchers to
exchange their latest findings, as well as a thorough introduction to
cutting-edge EEG analysis methods for young researchers and students.****

Topics include advanced statistical analysis such as general linear
modeling of single trial EEG data, non-linear optimisation and model driven
inference, source localization, multimodal imaging, measuring information
flow, brain computer interfaces and mobile EEG recording.
More information, including the complete list of invited speakers and
abstracts is available at ****


** **

*Registration* is compulsory due to limited number of places.
Please *send an email* with your Name, Degree and Affiliation to
cuttingeeg at gmail.com. *

Call for posters*: Submissions for posters are invited.
*Deadline: November 30*. *Apply by email* with Title, Author(s),
Affiliations and Abstract (200 words max.) to cuttingeeg at gmail.com.
Incomplete submissions will be discarded.
The abstract and poster should clearly relate to the topic of the
symposium. The abstract should present work with electroencephalography;
experimental work on cognition, and the use of advanced analysis methods is
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