[FieldTrip] [Filedtrip] Openmeeg and MEG

Jean-Michel Badier jean-michel.badier at univ-amu.fr
Fri Sep 6 15:46:49 CEST 2013

Dear FT and Openmeeg users,

I seems that fieldtrip does not support (anymore ? it seems it was 
possible in the past) Openmeeg for MEG.
Does it means that the Nolte  or the multiple spheres approaches are 
sufficient and do not require extra calculation?
I wonder in some parts of the brain.

Is this integration scheduled sometimes?



Jean-Michel Badier

Laboratoire de MagnétoEncéphaloGraphie
Institut de Neurosciences des Systèmes - INSERM UMR 1106

Service de Neurophysiologie Clinique.CHU Timone

/Hôpital/de la /Timone/264, rue Saint Pierre 13385 Marseille Cedex 5

33 (0)4 91 38 55 62

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