[FieldTrip] Format for ft_volumewrite?

Andrew Brooks andmib at gmail.com
Thu May 23 16:29:07 CEST 2013

Hello all,

I am new to FieldTrip, so this is a very basic question I was hoping
someone might know an answer to.

I am using ft_read_data to read the first EPI volume after dummy scans are
thrown out. I want to write this volume to a .nii file to my disk. For some
reason, I am unable to figure out the correct structure that ft_volumewrite
wants. Using the output from ft_read_data ('dat') does not seem to work.
Does anybody have any suggestions?

[ For a longer explanation of exactly what I am aiming to do, in case you
have any suggestions: I have ROI that is defined in Talairach space. This
is the ROI I would like to pull my real-time data from for each subject in
my study. To do this, I plan to register a talairach template brain to
individual subject-space, and then apply that transformation to my ROI so
that it is in subject space. I was going to simply write out the subject's
EPI to an .nii file, and then run SPM's co-registration step which allows
for a 'child dataset' to be set (my ROI), with the source file being the
template, and the reference being the individual ROI].

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