[FieldTrip] a .mat file about meg data do preprocessing

陈雪 mengtongxiao at gmail.com
Sat May 18 16:06:20 CEST 2013

Dear all,
I have a .mat file about meg data(102*98800,channel*time,channel is
'MEG0111','MEG0121'.....'M*1' );
Then I use eeglab read it,got .set file;I want use ft_timelockanalysis then
*cfg = [];
cfg.dataset     = 'megalpha.set';
data_org        = ft_preprocessing(cfg)*
>grad =
     chanori: [102x3 double]
     chanpos: [102x3 double]
    chantype: {102x1 cell}
    chanunit: {102x1 cell}
     coilori: [510x3 double]
     coilpos: [510x3 double]
       label: {102x1 cell}
         tra: [102x510 double]
        unit: 'cm'
Warning: creating default channel names
> In fileio\private\read_eeglabheader at 53
  In ft_read_header at 572
  In ft_preprocessing at 343
processing channel { 'chan001' 'chan002' 'chan003' 'chan004' 'chan005'
'chan006' 'chan007' 'chan008' 'chan009' 'chan010' 'chan011' 'chan012'
'chan013' 'chan014' 'chan015' 'chan016' 'chan017' 'chan018' 'chan019'
'chan020' 'chan021' 'chan022' 'chan023' 'chan024' 'chan025' 'chan026'
'chan027' 'chan028' 'chan029' 'chan030' 'chan031' 'chan032' 'chan033'
'chan034' 'chan035' 'chan036' 'chan037' 'chan038' 'chan039' 'chan040'
'chan041' 'chan042' 'chan043' 'chan044' 'chan045' 'chan046' 'chan047'
'chan048' 'chan049' 'chan050' 'chan051' 'chan052' 'chan053' 'chan054'
'chan055' 'chan056' 'chan057' 'chan058' 'chan059' 'chan060' 'chan061'
'chan062' 'chan063' 'chan064' 'chan065' 'chan066' 'chan067' 'chan068'
'chan069' 'chan070' 'chan071' 'chan072' 'chan073' 'chan074' 'chan075'
'chan076' 'chan077' 'chan078' 'chan079' 'chan080' 'chan081' 'chan082'
'chan083' 'chan084' 'chan085' 'chan086' 'chan087' 'chan088' 'chan089'
'chan090' 'chan091' 'chan092' 'chan093' 'chan094' 'chan095' 'chan096'
'chan097' 'chan098' 'chan099' 'chan100' 'chan101' 'chan102' }
reading and preprocessing
reading and preprocessing trial 1 from 1
data_org =
           hdr: [1x1 struct]
         label: {102x1 cell}
          time: {[1x98800 double]}
         trial: {[102x98800 double]}
       fsample: 1037
    sampleinfo: [1 98800]
           cfg: [1x1 struct]

*cfg                   = [];
cfg.covariance        = 'yes';
cfg.channel           = 'M*1';
cfg.vartrllength      = 2;
cfg.covariancewindow  = 'all';
timelock              = ft_timelockanalysis(cfg, data_org);*
timelock =
       avg: [0x98800 double]
       var: [0x98800 double]
      time: [1x98800 double]
       dof: [0x98800 double]
     label: {0x1 cell}
    dimord: 'chan_time'
       cov: []
       cfg: [1x1 struct]

there is no error displyed in command window but the timlock is empty,why?

thanks for you help,
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