[FieldTrip] Emotiv + FieldTrip + Matlab

Santiago Belluzo sanbelluzo at gmail.com
Mon May 13 21:13:08 CEST 2013

Hi, i´m trying to use emotiv2ft in a windows machine and Matlab return this

"Waiting for the device to become ready - press [Escape] to quit
EDK: User added, will now start acquisition.
Streaming 16 out of 22 channels
Could not connect to buffer server at localhost:1972."

In http://fieldtrip.fcdonders.nl/development/realtime/emotiv?s[]=emotiv said
that  "If port 1972 cannot be accessed on a Windows machine it may help to
first initialize the port from matlab, e.g., via ft_realtime_fileproxy".
But i´m not sure how to do it....
 Someone can help me?.


2013/3/4 Santiago Belluzo <sanbelluzo at gmail.com>

> *Hi, I'm new to FieldTrip and I'm interested in using it to capture **realtime data from the Emotiv headset using the function emotiv2ft.I`ve tried some examples like signalviewer andpowerviewer with random signal from signalproxy to check that the FieldTripBuffer works fine. Then i`ve tried to use emotiv2ft and have problems.  *
> *I'm not sure about how to call to this interface from within **Matlab.*
> *I`ve read some messages from the mailinglist with similar problem but in there is not clear for me how they solve it. *
> *I´ll be waiting for any help!.*
> *Thanks.*
> --
> Santiago

Santiago Belluzo
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