[FieldTrip] 2x2x3 Repeated Measures ANOVA in FT

Jim Parkinson jimparkinson at me.com
Fri May 3 22:57:26 CEST 2013

Hi All

Sorry for the very simplistic question here but I am finding it difficult
to construct an answer - if indeed there is one - from previous posts.

I have a study which is a 2x2x3 repeated measures design, event-related
using 64 channel EEG.  The design is  a culmination of a number of previous
studies, so in that sense is justified, and eyeballing the
data suggests that the effects are pulling in the directions we have
hypothesised.  I would really like to attempt to pull interaction effects,
main effects and then specified (a priori and justified)  contrasts from my
EEG data.  So, is it even possible using cluster permutation methods to
report 3-way, 2-way and main effect stats from such a design, and if so,
what is the best/most justifiable method? Secondly, considering the amount
of *possible*n simple contrasts available in a 2x2x3 design - even if I
don;t run them all because it is not meaningful to do so - what is the best
method to correct for multiple comparisons in the simpel contrasts I do end
up running?

Thans for any help in this confusing matter!

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