[FieldTrip] ft_dipolefitting options no longer working

Joseph Dien jdien07 at mac.com
Thu Jun 20 02:35:35 CEST 2013

    it looks like changes have been made to ft_dipolefitting that have resulted in the following options no longer working:

        cfg.grid.xgrid  = 'auto';
        cfg.grid.ygrid  = 'auto';
        cfg.grid.zgrid  = 'auto';

The header of the ft_dipolefitting file as of the 20130619 release says:

% This function depends on FT_PREPARE_DIPOLE_GRID which has the following options:
% cfg.grid.xgrid (default set in FT_PREPARE_DIPOLE_GRID: cfg.grid.xgrid = 'auto'), documented
% cfg.grid.ygrid (default set in FT_PREPARE_DIPOLE_GRID: cfg.grid.ygrid = 'auto'), documented
% cfg.grid.zgrid (default set in FT_PREPARE_DIPOLE_GRID: cfg.grid.zgrid = 'auto'), documented

but a Find Files search indicates that FT_PREPARE_DIPOLE_GRID no longer exists.

I don't have copies of FieldTrip older than Feb 2013 so I can't check directly but I know that my function call used to work and no longer does.

Can someone help me find a fix for this?

Any help appreciated!



Joseph Dien,
Senior Research Scientist
University of Maryland 

E-mail: jdien07 at mac.com
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