[FieldTrip] ancova for sources analysis

Gabriel Gonzalez Escamilla ggonesc at upo.es
Wed Jul 31 10:55:44 CEST 2013

Thanks for your quick ans Arjen,

It seems to do what I want, I'm trying to correct grandaveraged source data in which my data is a 1xNsubjs structure, each subject containing 29232 positions.

I'm wondering how would be the correct way to input the age of each subject as a counfound.

I have tried to set a structure, were each field was the age of each subject, but the ft_regressconfound seems not to work with structures, so I change it.

I've also tried to set as a double array (1xNsubjects), but says that "the number of my confound matrix does not match with the number of trials/subjects"; to which I have input the cfg.counfound as a double array (Nsubjsx1), but now I'm getting an error saying that there is not an existing field in the data.trial structure called "pow".

Is there something missing on my data?

How can I get that pow field into my data comming from ft_grandaverage?

Best Regards,

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> Dear Gabriel,
> This page demonstrates how to remove contributions to the data originating from head movement, but one could as well follow the same principle for any other type of covariate (e.g. eye movement related activity).
> http://fieldtrip.fcdonders.nl/example/how_to_incorporate_head_movements_in_meg_analysis?
> Yours,
> Arjen
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> Dear fieldtrip experts,
> I'm wondering if it is possible to perform an ancova or to remove the effect of a covariate in a source analysis?
> Many thanks in advanced,
> Gabriel 
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