[FieldTrip] e-mail spoofing by ResearchGate

Stephen Politzer-Ahles politzerahless at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 16:41:30 CEST 2013

Hi Aaron,

I just wanted to clarify, Researchgate is not just a scam, it's a real site
that some (although certainly not all) researchers use, similar to
Academia.edu and things like that; see
I'm not sure why you were getting unsolicited e-mails; it's possible
when your colleagues signed up they accidentally forgot to uncheck an
option to automatically invite co-authors (I've certainly made mistakes
like that before on other places), or it might not be any fault of theirs
and it might be some legitimate bug or something, or I guess it's possible
you were getting e-mails from some other site masquerading as the actual
ResearchGate. (I do admit even the real site does send a lot of e-mail
notifications, but like Facebook and other things I've been able to change
my preferences to stop getting most of them.) But anyway I just wanted to
clarify what Researchgate actually is. Hope you get your problem resolved.


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> This is unrelated to FieldTrip, but I think it still falls within the
> general interest of the community.
> Beware of e-mail spoofing by a company called ResearchGate. They send
> an e-mail that seems to come from a colleague of yours asking you to
> join, when in fact that colleague knows nothing about it. It is a
> spoofing scam. Just something to be aware of.
> Aaron Schurger
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