[FieldTrip] Using ft_sourceplot to visualize simulated dipoles

Samarasinghe, Kasun (samarakm) samarakm at mail.uc.edu
Fri Jul 19 02:24:32 CEST 2013


I am a rookie to fieldtrip, and I have a pretty basic question. I am trying to visually see what a dipole/s would look like after using the function ft_dipolesimulation(cfg). Can I use ft_sourceplot to do this. (I know the BESA_Dipole Simulator gives a nice visual description of the dipoles).

My primary objective is to visually compare a simulated dipole/s with its reconstructed counterpart. The reconstruction can be done using any of the source analysis methods. I would really appreciate if anyone could assist me with this problem.

Thank you,
Kasun Samarasinghe

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