[FieldTrip] question about to get the numbers of rejected trials

Lei Niu lei.niu at einstein.yu.edu
Thu Jul 18 21:52:13 CEST 2013

Dear Fieldtrippers,

I am new one to use the fieldtrip, and have a question about the rejected trials.
To be simply, let we say:
1) the original data is data_org, one singal trial in 32 channel, with 2 different trigger codes and 100 trials per trigger.
2) I process the data to the data_stimulus, incuding 200 trials. Each trial has prestim = 0.1,
poststim = 1;
3) I do ft_rejectvisual to reject 10 trials, 5 for each trigger. Then I get data_reject, including 190 trials.

Here is the problem. I found the prestim is too short, I want to increase the prestim time to 0.5. How can I get the numbers of rejected 10 trials to do ft_redefinetrial?

Lei Niu
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

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