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Hi Nadia,

My guess here would be that you have used a vector beamformer (i.e. each of the common filters has size 3xM). Then, for each voxel the activity is computed by sandwiching the sensor level cross-spectral density matrix between the voxel's spatial filter: w'*C*w, which yields a 3x3 csd-matrix at the voxel level. Then, in order to get a single number as the power estimate for that voxel (and trial), some computation needs to be done. I believe that the default is to take the first singular value of this 3x3 matrix. Essentially, for each trial a PCA is performed, and the largest eigenvalue is taken to be the power. The PCA may yield a slightly different optimal orientation for each trial, and as a result the average across trials will be different from the first singular value estimated from the average-across-trials csd matrix.
If my guesses are incorrect (i.e. you didn't use a vector beamformer, OR the default is not to take the first singular value to represent the voxel power) then we need to dig into the FieldTrip-code.

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On Jan 17, 2013, at 11:11 AM, Muller, Nadia wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am trying to beam single trials into source space using a DICS filter and the following code.
> cfg=[];
> cfg.method='dics';
> cfg.grid=grid_ind;
> cfg.vol=hdm;
> cfg.grid.filter=alldics.avg.filter;% common filter
> cfg.dics.lambda='5%';
> cfg.channel=channs;
> cfg.frequency=13;
> cfg.grad=data.grad;
> cfg.keeptrials='yes';
> cfg.rawtrial='yes';
> dics=ft_sourceanalysis(cfg,pow);%pow contains csd of singletrials (only one condition)
> I would suppose that the average of the rawtrials (obtained by ft_soucredescriptives([],dics) or by averaging power of single trials myselves) should be comparable to the output of dics with rawtrials='no' (and also keeptrials='no').
> However this is not the case (the averaged raw trials have a 30-60% bigger amplitude compared to the average values obtained from dics without rawtrial='yes'). Am I misunderstanding something here? Or could it be that I use wrong parameters for beaming single trials?
> Thanks for any advice!
> Best,
> Nadia
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