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Hi Jun,

If you want to test whether within a subject the PLV across conditions is significantly different (in some statistical sense), you would either do a statistical test along the lines described in "Nonparametric statistical testing of coherence differences, E Maris, JM Schoffelen, P Fries, Journal of neuroscience methods 163 (1), 161-175" or "Comparing spectra and coherences for groups of unequal size, H Bokil, K Purpura, JM Schoffelen, D Thomson, P Mitra, Journal of neuroscience methods 159 (2), 337-345". 

This functionality is not supported in ft_connectivityanalysis. For the former way of statistical testing, you should use ft_freqstatistics, in combination with an adjusted version of statfun_indepsamplesZcoh in order for it to compute differential PLV, rather than Z-transformed coherence difference. Alternatively, you could ask ft_connectivity to compute a jackknife estimate of the variance of the PLV, which could be used in a traditional t-test.



On Jan 12, 2013, at 1:22 AM, Jun Wang wrote:

> Dear fieldtrip experts,
>    I have a question regarding to test the plv output from ft_connectivityanalysis. How can I  check the significance with a statistical test based on surrogate data. the plv output didn't have the magnitude for single trials.
> thanks
> Jun 
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