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Hi Emma

Narayan and Arjen already pointed you in the appropriate direction. Just to clarify their emails, FieldTrip uses a layout structure for 2-D plotting of data, and the electrode structure for a 3-D representation. The electrode structure can be converted to a 2-D layout, but can also be used for source reconstruction, for which the layout is useless.

Please see
and pointers to other documentation therein.

Also these new pages
might help.


On 14 Jan 2013, at 21:14, Emma Holmes wrote:

> Dear FieldTrip users,
> I would like to define the positions of the EEG electrodes myself.
> I have a structure containing the x,y,z co-ordinates and channel names for 66 channels. However, I am having trouble converting this to a FieldTrip structure.
> I’m trying to use the ft_prepare_layout() function.
> Can anyone tell me what format the input structure should be in? i.e. what fields it should contain.
> Here, I’m referring to the part of the documentation ‘cfg.elec:  structure with electrode positions’, but can’t seem to find any explanation of what the layout of this structure should be.
> Many thanks,
> Emma
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