[FieldTrip] matlab crashes

"Jörn M. Horschig" jm.horschig at donders.ru.nl
Fri Jan 11 08:37:23 CET 2013

Dear Sharlene,

I'd first try to download FieldTrip again to verify that it's not just 
some corrupt file. Most of the source code is in the src/ subfolder, 
maybe have a look there again. If the source code is not in FieldTrip, 
then the mex file must be in some external toolbox that we cannot take 
care of. In any case, if the error persists after downloading FT again, 
it might be wise to tell us precisely what kind of data you want to read 
it (otherwise we don't know what file you are talking about).


On 1/10/2013 3:23 PM, sdnewman at indiana.edu wrote:
> Hello fieldtrippers,
> I am trying again to read in data.  I'm using a linux machine with 
> Matlab 2009 installed and I have downloaded fieldtrip-20130107. 
> Whenever I try to do anything matlab crashes and complains that an 
> error was detected while a mex-file was running.  I checked the 
> frequently asked questions and I can't find the *.c files suggested to 
> recompile.  Please help me.
> Sharlene
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