[FieldTrip] Tutorial EEG data processing for ERP analysis

Mon Jan 7 04:31:38 CET 2013

Dear FieldTrippers,

First of all, I Wish all of you a very happy and prosperous 2013!

I am trying to use the example data on the Fieldtrip web site for a full analysis (sorce reconstruction/connectivity). The data which I intend to use is from the pre-processing tutorial which is mentioned as acquired by Irina Simirnova. Unfortunately I could not access the FeldTrip site for the last two days and does not remember the exact details of the data set , off the top of my head.

As this data set has not been fully analysed in the tutorial, I tried to write a script to process up to the Event related potential(ERP or  Visual Evoked potential-VEP) for the two conditions animal and tool visualisation.  I have attached the script and the VEP's I obtained for the two conditions.

1.       Could I be able to get the channel layout description or a channel location file to present the VEP's on a head plot?

2.       Starting around   400ms channels  have a big variation in voltage, is this due to some unremoved artefacts of vertical eye movement EOGV ? (because the blue line going down after 400-500ms is for EOGV)

3.       Also has this data set been published earlier so that I can refer the paper?

Many thanks in advance

Kind regards

Imali Thanuja Hettiarachchi
PhD Candidate
Centre for Intelligent Systems research
Deakin University, Geelong 3217, Australia.
Email: ith at deakin.edu.au<mailto:ith at deakin.edu.au>

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