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Hi Paul,

You should specify cfg.method = 'coh' in conjunction with cfg.complex = 'imag';

I'll update the documentation.


On Feb 25, 2013, at 7:20 AM, Paul Sowman wrote:

> Hi, which is the appropriate option in FT_CONNECTIVITYANALYIS to implement connectivity analysis via the imaginary part of coherency? The 2011 Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience paper says that the method from the Nolte paper is implemented but I'm not sure which is the right option to do this from the list:
> coh',       coherence, support for freq, freqmvar and
>                                 source data. For partial coherence also
>                                 specify cfg.partchannel
>                   'csd',       cross-spectral density matrix, can also
>                                 calculate partial csds -
>                                 if cfg.partchannel is specified, support for freq and
>                                 freqmvar data
>                   'plv',       phase-locking value, support for freq and freqmvar data
>                   'powcorr',   power correlation, support for freq and source data
>                   'amplcorr',  amplitude correlation, support for freq and source data
>                   'granger',   granger causality, support for freq and freqmvar data
>                   'dtf',       directed transfer function, support for freq and freqmvar data
>                   'pdc',       partial directed coherence, support for freq and freqmvar data
>                   'psi',       phaseslope index, support for freq and freqmvar data
>                   'wpli',      weighted phase lag index (signed one,
>                                still have to take absolute value to get indication of
>                                strength of interaction. Note: measure has
>                                positive bias. Use wpli_debiased to avoid
>                                this.
>                   'wpli_debiased'  debiased weighted phase lag index
>                                   (estimates squared wpli)
>                   'ppc'        pairwise phase consistency
>                   'wppc'       weighted pairwise phase consistency
> G. Nolte, O. Bai, L. Wheaton, Z. Mari, S. Vorbach, and M. Hallett, “Identifying true brain interaction from EEG data using the imaginary part of coherency,” Clinical Neurophysiology, vol. 115, no. 10, pp. 2292–2307, 2004.
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