[FieldTrip] cfg.latency

k.kouroupaki at med.uoc.gr k.kouroupaki at med.uoc.gr
Tue Feb 26 13:27:07 CET 2013

HI everyone!

I am a new field trip user and have been using it for EEG SOURCE LOCALIZATION.
I have a problem though. When I run the ft_sourceanalysis as: source =  
ft_sourceanalysis(cfg, freq) I get the following error:

??? Reference to non-existent field 'latency'.

Error in ==> prepare_freq_matrices at 55
   tbin = nearest(freq.time, cfg.latency);

Error in ==> ft_sourceanalysis at 458
     [Cf, Cr, Pr, Ntrials, cfg] = prepare_freq_matrices(cfg, data);

Could you please help me to localize where the problem is and solve it?
Thank you in advance,

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