[FieldTrip] PhD Student in systems neuroscience/pain research in Munich, Germany

Markus Ploner ploner at lrz.tu-muenchen.de
Thu Feb 14 14:26:50 CET 2013

Applications are invited for a PhD Student position at the Department of
Neurology, Technische Universität München, to work on the cerebral
representation of pain by using EEG. The project will focus on
theneurophysiological correlates of ongoing pain in healthy human subjects
andpatients suffering from chronic pain disorders. Major experimental
methods include EEG time-frequency analysis, source analysis and
connectivity analysis. The candidate will join a research group dedicated to
the multimodal investigation of the cerebral representation of pain
(http://www.neurokopfzentrum.med.tum.de/neurologie/426.html) which is part
of the TUM-Neuroimaging Center (http://www.tumnic.mri.tum.de
<http://www.tumnic.mri.tum.de/> ).
Applicants should have a background in neuroscience, medicine, psychology,
physics, engineering, or other relevantdisciplines. Prior experience in EEG
experimental design, data acquisition and analysis as well as time series
analysis and MATLAB programming are highly desirable.
The position is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. Salary will
be commensurate with the German TVöD salary scale (EG13, 50%). The position
is available for three years. Applications will be considered until the
position is filled.
Candidates may contact Dr. Markus Ploner for more detailed information or
directly e-mail their application (ploner at lrz.tum.de).

PD Dr. Markus Ploner
Department of Neurology
Technische Universität München
Munich, Germany
ploner at lrz.tum.de

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