[FieldTrip] Filtering before epoching

Matthieu Rolland mrolland at ucsd.edu
Mon Dec 9 18:31:24 CET 2013

Hi everybody,

Is it possible to filter data prior to epoching? And more generally is 
it possible to epoch data that has already been preprocessed?

I have tried without success many variations of this:

1. Preprocessing step on continuous data with filtering.
//cfg.dataset  = 'raw_data.fif';//
//cfg.bpfilter  = 'yes';//
//cfg.bpfreq    = [a b];//
//data = ft_preprocessing(cfg);/

2. Define trial.
/cfg   =//  ft_definetrial(cfg);/

3. Preprocessing step for epoching data on filtered data.
/final_data = ft_preprocessing(cfg,data);/

Thank you for your help.

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