[FieldTrip] gradiometer definitions after ft_megplanar

Todorovic, A. a.todorovic at fcdonders.ru.nl
Sun Dec 8 22:44:03 CET 2013

Dear 'trippers,

I am attempting to do a TFR on planar gradient data. I first preprocess, then do ft_megplanar, then ft_freqanalysis, followed by ft_combineplanar. However, upon doing ft_megplanar, the grad.chanori field consists only of NaNs. I see that some changes were made a few months ago on how gradiometers are described, so I am wondering whether there are some changes I should now make to the cfg structure when doing the planar gradient transformation.

This is how I normally do it:

        cfg = [];
        cfg.planarmethod = 'sincos';
        cfg.channel = {'MEG'};
        cfg.trials = 'all';
        cfg.neighbours = neighbours; % neighbours=ft_prepare_neighbours(cfg,data)
        data_planar = ft_megplanar(cfg,data);

Alternatively, is there some workaround I could now implement to fix my already calculated TFR structures? 


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