[FieldTrip] Format for storing MRI data (DICOM import for CTF MEG)

Dr. Zimmermann R.Zimmermann at UKE.Uni-Hamburg.de
Mon Dec 2 14:33:25 CET 2013


we're operating a CTF MEG, our MRI data is provided in DICOM format.

The FieldTrip doc about conversion of DICOM data into CTF format: 
has already found its way to us.

Currently, we we're still using the  '...old and difficult way' since 
import and setting of fiducials is done by people (=> MRI-operator) 
other than the later users (=> MRI-user) of the mri data. To keep this 
task sharing, each converted MRI should be saved to a file by a 
MRI-operator. Later this file could be opened by the MRI-user.

On the one hand the saved file should contain all of the MRI content 
(data, hdr with transformation matrices etc.), on the other hand I 
wouldn't like to add software prerequisites (as spm or freesurfer) for 
the storage or later reading process. Obviously I can take the (still 
provided) original CTF routine: writeCTFMRI.m (This would mean to 
regress most of the importing process).

Is there a way to store the MRI data in CTF format without using the 
function provided by CTF?

Regards, Roger

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