[FieldTrip] ft_neighbourplot does not plot new connections in 3D

Mikołaj Magnuski imponderabilion at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 00:54:49 CEST 2013

Hi FieldTrippers!

just a short note in case it wasn'r reported before:
ft_neighbourplot with option .enableedit = 'on' (the bleeding option)
plots new connections (new - that means click-created) only as 2D
projections even if everything else is plotted in 3D.

changing lines 286 - 287 to something like:
    if size(proj,2) == 2
        Coord = {X, Y};
    elseif size(proj,2) > 2
        Z = [proj(curSensId,3) proj(lastSensId,3)];
        Coord = {X, Y, Z};
    hl(curSensId, lastSensId) = line(Coord{:}, 'color', 'r');
    hl(lastSensId, curSensId) = line(Coord{:}, 'color', 'r');

fixes this problem.

Mikołaj Magnuski
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