[FieldTrip] using ft_rejectartifact on continuos data after manual rejection with ft_databrowser

Lozano Soldevilla, D. (Diego) d.lozanosoldevilla at fcdonders.ru.nl
Thu Apr 25 15:59:07 CEST 2013

Hi Jose, Are you analyzing continuous data? If this is the case, you should specify cfg.artfctdef.reject = 'partial' before calling ft_rejectartifact. The reason is that the default is 'complete' and if you're computing continuous data (not stimulus locked) you only have one trial and for instance nothing left after the rejection. best, Diego ----- Original Message -----
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> Subject: [FieldTrip] using ft_rejectartifact on continuos data after
> manual rejection with ft_databrowser
> dear Fieldtrippers,
> i am analysing spontaneous data and have some artifacts i'd like to
> exlcude by visual inspection on the contiunous data.
> So after prepocessing the data, I use
> cfg=ft_databrowser(cfg,alldata)
> and select manually the segments with artfacts.
> Then i run ft_rejectartifact
> cleandata = ft_rejectartifact(cfg,alldata);
> detected 12 visual artifacts
> rejected 1 trials completely
> rejected 0 trials partially
> resulting 0 trials
> Error using ft_rejectartifact (line 478)
> No trials left after artifact rejection.
> any idea which cfg specs should i use?
> thanks,
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