[FieldTrip] ft_databrowser with cfg.selectmode='markpeakevent'/'marktroughevent'

Yoshiyuki Nishio nishiokov at gmail.com
Wed Apr 24 17:26:24 CEST 2013

Dear FieldTrippers,

When I tried to identify time-points of interest on ft_databrowser with
cfg.selectmode='markpeakevent' or 'marktroughevent', I got the error
message below:

*Attempt to reference field of non-structure array.*
*Error in ft_databrowser>select_range_cb (line 960)*
*    if any(intersect(begsel:endsel, [opt.event.sample]))*
*Error in ft_select_range>evalCallback (line 325)*
*    feval(funhandle, funargs{:}, val, cmenulab);*
*Error in ft_select_range (line 159)*
*          evalCallback(callback, userData.range); *
*Error using waitfor*
*Error while evaluating figure WindowButtonDownFcn*
Here's the script:

cfg.viewmode = 'vertical';
cfg.blocksize  = 2;
cfg.continuous = 'yes';
cfg.channel = 'EEG RMFP_06-REF';
cfg.selectmode = 'marktroughevent';
cfg.trl = 'all';
cfg = ft_databrowser(cfg, data);

The error never happens on the 'markaritifact' mode.
Can you help me find the problem?

Thanks a lot,
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