[FieldTrip] Issues with ft_combineplanar(cfg, data)

Niccolò Pescetelli niccol000 at yahoo.it
Tue Apr 9 10:33:17 CEST 2013

Dear all, 

I am new to fieldtrip and I would like to have your opinion about a bizarre error that I find trying to execute the function ft_combineplanar(). What am I trying to do is to  obtain the planar gradient from raw data. I use a neuromag306 Elekta MEG system.
I tried to dig deeper into the scripts and I notice some quirks the error could derive from:

1. as soon as I call ft_combineplanar(cfg, data) , data.trials
 switches from 840 trials to 192 trials, without any command being 
provided that is BEFORE 
the first line of ft_combineplanar(cfg, data) being executed! At the same time all data.trials becomes empty arrays

 my data structure does not contain the fields 'grad' before 
ft_combineplanar(cfg, data) has been called but it does afterwards . 
Again this happen without any command having been given 

3. The error finally occurs in line 210 of the ft_combineplanar function (indexing error) and it's due to the data.trial array being empty

What do you think?


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