[FieldTrip] Instantaneous phase angles/ baseline adjust for resting alpha activity

Emilio Valadez evaladez at psych.udel.edu
Sat Apr 6 22:25:02 CEST 2013

Dear FieldTrippers,

I have two independent questions that I hope are relatively simple:

1)      How can one obtain the instantaneous phase angles for time-frequency data? I believe one workaround method to achieve this would be to use ft_freqanalysis on the raw data with cfg.output = 'fourier' to return the complex Fourier transform,  and then use MATLAB's "angle" function on the complex output to compute the phase angles. But is there a more direct way to get the phase angles from FieldTrip?

2)      Can FieldTrip be used to make a baseline adjustment for resting alpha-band activity or average alpha activity in time-frequency data? And if so, how?

Thanks very much for your help, in advance.

All the best,
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