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Sat Apr 6 17:19:07 CEST 2013

Dear Fieldtrip,
 I've been having trouble with old but previously working scripts, trying
to figure out what errors are based on new implementations in Fieldtrip and
those that are due to file type ( ANT .cnt).  However, I've been using
Matlab 2013A - could this be a source of errors as well?  Do the changes in
Matlab 2013A have similar implications for Fieldtrip?  See message below
from Arnaud Delorme:



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*Date:* April 5, 2013, 4:09:57 PM EDT
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*Subject:* *[Eeglabnews] EEGLAB warning for users of Matlab 2013a*

The MathWorks has implemented minor changes in Matlab 2013a with dramatic
consequences as they could potentially break or corrupt the output of about
10% of EEGLAB functions.

EEGLAB graphic interface or command line users (all versions) should not
upgrade to this version of Matlab until the issues have been fixed in
EEGLAB (probably within a month). Details of some of the non backward
compatible changes implemented by the Mathworks are described below.


>From http://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/release-notes.html

The behavior of unique, union, intersect, setdiff, setxor, and ismember has
   • If there are repeated elements in the input arrays, the functions
unique, union, intersect, setdiff, and setxor return the index to the first
occurrence of the repeated elements (or rows).
   • All index vectors returned by unique, union, intersect, setdiff, or
setxor are column vectors.

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