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Hi Mark,

The Fieldtrip wiki has examples of published papers that report cluster
analyses. In what I've seen, usually just the *p* is reported (if even
that), along with the latency and topography of the cluster. See e.g.
Pijnacker et al. (2011, *Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience*) and Meltzer &
Braun (2011, *Frontiers in Human Neuroscience*). There may be others in

As for your second question, my understanding is that the test statistic
doesn't matter (one of the points of the cluster test is that it works no
matter which test statistic you use (Maris & Oostenveld, 2007)). Also, to
the best of my knowledge, there are no degrees of freedom for the cluster
test, since it's non-parametric (it's not based on the distribution of a
test statistic, it's based on Monte Carlo estimation).


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> Dear Fieldtrippers,
> I was wondering how you report the results of the cluster analysis in your
> papers. I have seen different types of how the results are reported.
> For example, some report only the p-value of the cluster whereas others
> report clusters as T(degrees of freedom) = [clusterstat value], p-value.
> Is T (multivariate t) the correct test statisic for the cluster analysis
> (like F for anova)?
> Where can I find (or calculate) the degrees of freedom of the clusterstat
> value?
> Thanks
> Best,
> Mark
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