[FieldTrip] Data prewhitening

Roemer van der Meij r.vandermeij at donders.ru.nl
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Hi Andrea,

Are you referring to pre-whitening by removing the first parameter of
an auto-regressive model, thereby removing most (if not all) of the 1/f
shape in the spectrum? If so, this can be done by taking the first
temporal derivative of the raw-data, effectively setting the first AR
parameter to 0. This is implemented by setting cfg.derivative = 'yes' in
I don't know of any good references for this trick though, so if anybody
else can help out, that'd be great.


On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 12:27 PM, andrea brovelli <
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> Dear all,
> I was wondering whether we can whiten the data using the cfg options in
> the ft_preprocessing function. Does anyone know ?
> Or does anyone have some code for prewhitening raw data ?
> Thanks a lot
> Andrea
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