[FieldTrip] Amplifier for EGI-data in fieldtrip???

Robert Oostenveld r.oostenveld at donders.ru.nl
Mon Sep 3 22:35:06 CEST 2012

Hi Daria,

There might indeed be an incompatibility in the gain  value applied to the data.

If you are able to export the data using the EGI software in another format (e.g. EDF), you could read them both into FieldTrip and compare the timecourse aplitudes to check whether they are different. In case they are, I suggest to involve EGI support. They are aware of the FieldTrip reading functions and will know much more about the internals of their various file formats.

best regards

On 3 Sep 2012, at 17:22, Daria Laptinskaya wrote:

> Dear Fieldtrippers,
> I analysed EGI-data (.raw-files, NetStation 4.3.) with the fieldtrip toolbox. 
> The ERPs look perfect. 
> The 'only' problem is, that my signals look to strong.
> It looks like if I get amplitutes (average) until 70 ┬ÁV. 
> I think it must be an intern amplifier for the signals.
> Does anyone know this problem with EGI-data?
> Or does anyone know, where I can see the amplifier?
> Greetings,
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