[FieldTrip] about overlap in PSD calculation

Ivano Triggiani ivano_triggiani at yahoo.it
Mon Sep 10 12:27:09 CEST 2012

Hi all.

How can I obtain informations about the kind of overlapping performed by fiedltrip implemented method to obtain a Power Spectral Density ? 

I need to compare fieldtrip PSD with another spectral density, so I need to be sure of everything. I found docs about tapering, but I don't understand if using a kind of tapering the overlapping is given.


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   1. Using WPLI od WPLI-debiased to do the coherence analysis
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Hi all,

I am trying to do coherency analysis between ACC and FEF. I have tried both
WPLI and WPLI-debiased methods to do the analysis. When I am using WPLI I
find a very nice coherence pattern between ACC and FEF in the frequencies
between ~11Hz to 20 Hz. However, when I am using WPLI-debiased method, the
previous WPLI coherence pattern disappears and  breaks into many sparse
clusters across many time points and frequencies. Is there a way to know
which method is the best for me. I should note that I am recording using
tungsten microelectrodes advanced into the brain. I would appreciate if
your help.

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