[FieldTrip] 'dml' variable

Hamza Fawzi Altakroury (Student) hamzaf at sabanciuniv.edu
Sun Sep 2 17:48:43 CEST 2012


I am trying to classify my data using ft_timelockstatistics function

I am using the output of ft_timelockanalysis function and the following

cfg.layout  = 'CTF275.lay';
cfg.method  = 'crossvalidate';
cfg.design  = [ones(size(class1.trial,1),1);

But I got the following error:

??? Undefined variable "dml" or class "dml.standardizer".

Error in ==> ft_statistics_crossvalidate at 44
  cfg.mva = dml.analysis({ ...

Error in ==> statistics_wrapper at 306
    [stat] = statmethod(cfg, dat, design);

Error in ==> ft_timelockstatistics at 110
[stat, cfg] = statistics_wrapper(cfg, varargin{:});

Did I forgot to add something?!


Hamza Fawzi Altakroury
Graduate student - MA
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Sabanc─▒ University
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