[FieldTrip] CTF data event/reading

Baris Demiral demiral.007 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 16:29:35 CEST 2012

Hi Nedad, filedtrippers,

I have continuous and epoched CTF data as well, and I want to import
them into fieldtrip. The event types are previously edited in the
early stages. When I looked at the event values with the
ft_read_event(cfg.dataset) function, I see that some event values are
empty '[ ]'. On the other hand, the initial triggers / event types
have integer event values (type: 'front panel trigger', value: 222).
Error is in " ft_preprocessing (line 511)  ... tim =
offset2time(offset, hdr.Fs, size(dat,2));

See below. Can you help me on that? What functions/lines of code shall
I call? I followed the instructions on the web tutorials line by line,
but nope. Sometimes it says " trialfun is not described." I also
download fileio package. I am using the most recent version of

Do you think the event structure has anything to do with the errors,
or I had to install some other package as well?

>> cfg.dataset                 = 'AFLLBCEAXXX_epoched.ds';       % name of CTF dataset
data = ft_preprocessing(cfg)

readCTFds: You are reading CTF data for use with a software-application tool
        that is not manufactured by VSM MedTech Ltd. and has not
received marketing
        clearance for clinical applications.  If CTF MEG data are processed
by this tool,
        they should not be later employed for clinical and/or
diagnostic purposes.

undoing the G3BR balancing
processing channel { 'UPPT001' 'SCLK01' 'BG1' 'BG2' 'BG3' 'BP1' 'BP2'
'BP3' 'BR1' 'BR2' 'BR3' 'G11' 'G12' 'G13' 'G22' 'G23' 'P11' 'P12'
'P22' 'P23' 'Q11' 'Q12' 'Q13' 'Q22' 'Q23' 'R11' 'R12' 'R13' 'R22'
'R23' 'MLC11' 'MLC12' 'MLC13' 'MLC14' 'MLC15' 'MLC16' 'MLC17' 'MLC21'
'MLC22' 'MLC23' 'MLC24' 'MLC25' 'MLC31' 'MLC32' 'MLC41' 'MLC42'
'MLC51' 'MLC52' 'MLC53' 'MLC54' 'MLC55' 'MLC61' 'MLC62' 'MLC63'
'MLF11' 'MLF12' 'MLF13' 'MLF14' 'MLF21' 'MLF22' 'MLF23' 'MLF24'
'MLF25' 'MLF31' 'MLF32' 'MLF33' 'MLF34' 'MLF35' 'MLF41' 'MLF42'
'MLF43' 'MLF44' 'MLF45' 'MLF46' 'MLF51' 'MLF52' 'MLF53' 'MLF54'
'MLF55' 'MLF56' 'MLF61' 'MLF62' 'MLF63' 'MLF64' 'MLF65' 'MLF66'
'MLF67' 'MLO11' 'MLO12' 'MLO13' 'MLO14' 'MLO21' 'MLO22' 'MLO23'
'MLO24' 'MLO31' 'MLO32' 'MLO33' 'MLO34' 'MLO41' 'MLO42' 'MLO43'
'MLO44' 'MLO51' 'MLO52' 'MLO53' 'MLP11' 'MLP12' 'MLP21' 'MLP22'
'MLP23' 'MLP31' 'MLP32' 'MLP33' 'MLP34' 'MLP35' 'MLP41' 'MLP42'
'MLP43' 'MLP44' 'MLP45' 'MLP51' 'MLP52' 'MLP53' 'MLP54' 'MLP55'
'MLP56' 'MLP57' 'MLT11' 'MLT12' 'MLT13' 'MLT14' 'MLT15' 'MLT16'
'MLT21' 'MLT22' 'MLT23' 'MLT24' 'MLT25' 'MLT26' 'MLT27' 'MLT31'
'MLT32' 'MLT33' 'MLT34' 'MLT35' 'MLT36' 'MLT37' 'MLT41' 'MLT42'
'MLT43' 'MLT44' 'MLT45' 'MLT46' 'MLT47' 'MLT51' 'MLT52' 'MLT53'
'MLT54' 'MLT55' 'MLT56' 'MLT57' 'MRC11' 'MRC12' 'MRC13' 'MRC14'
'MRC15' 'MRC16' 'MRC17' 'MRC21' 'MRC22' 'MRC23' 'MRC24' 'MRC25'
'MRC31' 'MRC32' 'MRC41' 'MRC42' 'MRC51' 'MRC52' 'MRC53' 'MRC54'
'MRC55' 'MRC61' 'MRC62' 'MRC63' 'MRF11' 'MRF12' 'MRF13' 'MRF14'
'MRF21' 'MRF22' 'MRF23' 'MRF24' 'MRF25' 'MRF31' 'MRF32' 'MRF33'
'MRF34' 'MRF35' 'MRF41' 'MRF42' 'MRF44' 'MRF45' 'MRF46' 'MRF51'
'MRF52' 'MRF53' 'MRF54' 'MRF55' 'MRF56' 'MRF61' 'MRF62' 'MRF63'
'MRF64' 'MRF65' 'MRF66' 'MRF67' 'MRO11' 'MRO12' 'MRO14' 'MRO21'
'MRO22' 'MRO23' 'MRO24' 'MRO31' 'MRO32' 'MRO33' 'MRO34' 'MRO41'
'MRO42' 'MRO43' 'MRO44' 'MRO51' 'MRO52' 'MRO53' 'MRP11' 'MRP12'
'MRP21' 'MRP22' 'MRP23' 'MRP31' 'MRP32' 'MRP33' 'MRP34' 'MRP35'
'MRP41' 'MRP42' 'MRP43' 'MRP44' 'MRP45' 'MRP51' 'MRP52' 'MRP53'
'MRP54' 'MRP55' 'MRP56' 'MRP57' 'MRT11' 'MRT12' 'MRT13' 'MRT14'
'MRT15' 'MRT16' 'MRT21' 'MRT22' 'MRT23' 'MRT24' 'MRT25' 'MRT26'
'MRT27' 'MRT31' 'MRT32' 'MRT33' 'MRT34' 'MRT35' 'MRT36' 'MRT37'
'MRT41' 'MRT42' 'MRT43' 'MRT44' 'MRT45' 'MRT46' 'MRT47' 'MRT51'
'MRT52' 'MRT53' 'MRT54' 'MRT55' 'MRT56' 'MRT57' 'MZC01' 'MZC02'
'MZC03' 'MZC04' 'MZF01' 'MZF02' 'MZF03' 'MZO01' 'MZO02' 'MZO03'
'MZP01' 'lip' 'HADC001' 'HADC002' 'HADC003' 'HDAC001' 'HDAC002'
'HDAC003' 'UADC003' 'UADC004' 'UADC016' 'HLC0011' 'HLC0012' 'HLC0013'
'HLC0021' 'HLC0022' 'HLC0023' 'HLC0031' 'HLC0032' 'HLC0033' 'HLC0018'
'HLC0028' 'HLC0038' 'HLC0014' 'HLC0015' 'HLC0016' 'HLC0017' 'HLC0024'
'HLC0025' 'HLC0026' 'HLC0027' 'HLC0034' 'HLC0035' 'HLC0036' 'HLC0037'
reading and preprocessing
reading and preprocessing trial 1 from 72
Undefined function 'offset2time' for input arguments
of type 'double'.

Error in ft_preprocessing (line 511)
      tim = offset2time(offset, hdr.Fs, size(dat,2));

>> cfg.trialdef.eventtype      = '?';
>> cfg = ft_definetrial(cfg);
Warning: no trialfun was specified, using
> In ft_definetrial at 123
Undefined function 'ft_getuserfun' for input arguments
of type 'char'.

Error in ft_definetrial (line 140)
  cfg.trialfun = ft_getuserfun(cfg.trialfun,


On Thu, Aug 30, 2012 at 4:33 AM, Nenad Polomac <polomacnenad at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am analyzing data obtained on CTF MEG 275 system. However, 4 sensors are
> broken and data ended up with 271 sensor. So, my question is should I
> interpolate the missing sensors with  FT_CHANNELREPAIR? In the case I leave
> data with 271 sensor, will those missing sensors influence neighbors
> configuration in the statistic and the source localisation analysis?
> Thank you in advance!
> Kind regards!
> Nenad
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