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Elena Orekhova Elena.Orekhova at neuro.gu.se
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Thank you for the explanations.
Just in case you know,  do .egs or .sbin contain information about real time/date?


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The FieldTrip wiki says that there is support for .egis, .sbin, .ses, .ave, and .gave <http://fieldtrip.fcdonders.nl/getting_started/egi>, but it doesn't seem that the last three are actually supported. If you look in the fieldtrip-DATE/fileio/ft_read_header.m function, the only EGI formats supported seem to be the first two I mentioned (egis and simple binary), plus the new metafile format. You'll need to export your .ses file to one of these supported formats. I've had luck with egis and sbin (tip: I've found that egis is faster to read). I'll update the wiki.


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On Sun, Oct 7, 2012 at 12:17 PM, Elena Orekhova <Elena.Orekhova at neuro.gu.se<mailto:Elena.Orekhova at neuro.gu.se>> wrote:
Dear FieldTrippers,

I try to read EGI .ses file using

hdr = ft_read_header('myfile.ses'),  or
hdr = ft_read_header('ttt.ses, 'headerformat', 'egi_ses')

but  get  an error message:

'unsupported header format (unknown)'

It is stated that FT reads  EGI .ses files.

Have anybody tried or have some tips?

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