[FieldTrip] electrodes, neighbours et al.

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Dear Ivano,

There is a template directory in FieldTrip, which contains a subfolder 
called elec. If you do not have any electrode positions, you can load a 
template from there. Alternatively, you can load a file from there and 
see how to set the structure up.

For channelselection, I think you misunderstood something/someone. I 
never heard of the fact that there should be a gui, where do you got 
that information from? Since I'm in the dev team, I would be rather 
surprised if there would be a gui given that I never heard anything 
about that ;) I'm afraid you have to specify the channel names manually. 
You can try to use ft_prepare_layout with cfg.feedback = 'yes' for 
information about channelpositions, given that you provide an elec 
structure (or use a layout-template)


On 10/3/2012 12:59 PM, Ivano Triggiani wrote:
> Dear all,
> I need to repair a couple of channels of my EEG (edf format). I'm in 
> trouble reading the reference, because I don't understand how I have 
> to prepare cfg for electrode position. for example elec.elecpos and 
> elec.channelpos : wich argument must I provide?
> Furthermore, in ft_channelselection I read  " 'gui' a graphical user 
> interface will pop up to select the channels" How does it works? How 
> can I make a gui pops up ?
> Ivano
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