[FieldTrip] import .cnt file

Jose Herrero jose.herrero66 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 01:43:39 CEST 2012

Dear FTrip users,

matlab crashes when trying to import a .cnt data file using

my system is 16 bits (at least loadcnt.m returns r.dataformat=='int16') so
this is not the problem

error in loadcnt.m (line 551) because nevents=0.125 such that
ev2(nevents).stimtype=[] cannot exist!
in line 464 the variable dat (50chan*14455000samples) reshapes to 50*1
because r.ldnsamples=1....why?

other question is about the type of file cfg.dataset gets. I only have one
raw data file (e.g. 'ab001002012.cnt') while the others have already been
filtered with eeglab (e.g. 'ab002002012 at m.cnt' for mua
and 'ab001002012 at e.cnt' for lfp). however imputing these files gives me a
similar error.

any ideas?
Jose H.
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