[FieldTrip] Is FT_VOLUMEREALIGN required for MEG MRI source localization?

Stolk, A. a.stolk at fcdonders.ru.nl
Sat Nov 10 14:04:52 CET 2012

Hi Ye Mei,

It is indeed important to have your anatomical MRI aligned to the coordinate system of your electrophysiological recording. ft_volumerealign will not change the anatomical data itself, it only creates a transformation matrix (.transform field) that aligns the anatomy to the intended coordinate system.

With respect to the tutorial anatomical data, this procedure was already applied. Namely, the anatomical MRI is already aligned to the CTF (MEG) coordinate system and stored as such. For more details, please see:

Hope this answered your question,

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> Onderwerp: [FieldTrip] Is FT_VOLUMEREALIGN required for MEG MRI source localization?
> Dear all,
> For source localization, do I need to first registrate the subject's
> MR
> scan to the coil locations/fiducials? I suppose yes. But, when I
> looked
> at the fieldtrip tutorial
> (http://fieldtrip.fcdonders.nl/tutorial/beamformer), I didn't see the
> function FT_VOLUMEREALIGN was used?
> Could someone explain that?
> Many thanks in advance.
> Kind regards
> Ye Mei
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