[FieldTrip] ft_sourcestatistics across time and frequency

Ina Peiker ipeiker at uke.de
Wed Nov 21 23:37:08 CET 2012

Dear fieldtrip users,

is there a possibility to perform a cluster-permutation-test on source 
data across time and frequency, so that clusters are connected not only 
spatially but also in the time and frequency domain?
I did a source reconstruction (beamforming) without selecting a time 
point or frequency (more exploratively) and now I want to do an 
explorative statistic across all data.

It looks like that:

output from ft_sourcegrandaverage for 1 time point and 1 frequency:
gm =
pos: [6783x3 double]
dim: [17 21 19]
avg: [1x1 struct]
var: [1x1 struct]
dimord: 'voxel'
trial: [1x40 struct]
inside: [3394x1 double]
outside: [3389x1 double]
df: [6783x1 double]
cfg: [1x1 struct]

Now, I would like to use ft_sourcestatitistics with a 
cluster-permuation-test for more than 1 time point and 1 frequency. I 
tried to concatenate data by increasing dimensions in gm.trial.pow but 
it did not work.
Is something like this implemented for source data? Any other ideas?

Thank you very much!
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