[FieldTrip] Dipole time course

Taubert, Max max.taubert at uk-koeln.de
Wed May 23 15:46:49 CEST 2012


I'd like to use the leadfield from the ft_compute_leadfield function to
compute the time course of two dipoles, given their location and
orientation. So I searched on the mailing list and found a thread from
Apr-1 2011
with a nice explanation. By using this approach it is not very difficult to
obtain the waveform of a single dipole, but in my case there are TWO

This works when assuming a single dipole:

dip.pos = [0 0.5 0];
dip.ori = [1 0 0];
lf = ft_compute_leadfield(dip.pos,elec,vol);
li = pinv(lf);
ori = dip.mom;
ori = repmat(ori,length(li),1)';
w = dot(li,ori);
waveform = dot(D.Data,repmat(w,size(D.Data,2),1)');

Is there any way to make this work with a two-dipole-model, so I get the
waveforms of both of them?

Thanks in advance
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