[FieldTrip] beamforming single trials with recent FT versions

Jonas Obleser jonas at obleser.de
Fri May 18 17:51:40 CEST 2012

Dear FT colleagues,

after a great FT workshop and a fresh FT release in my matlab path,
I am all the more confused on how to “beam“ my single trials (DICS, cfg.realfilter='yes').

Now, here I have this filter (allsource.avg.filter) constructed from  the CSD of, say 300 trials (a struct called allfreq, baseline and post-stim together; obtained with ft_freqanalysis, 'mtmfft', cfg.keeptrials ='yes').

In order to “filter them all and let God sort ’em out” later, I somehow must now funnel my allfreq.trials through the filter (cfg.grid.filter = allsource.avg.filter).

But: Somehow, cfg.rawtrials seems to be deprecated, can this be true?

I understand that in principle it would simply be the single-trial CSD “sandwiched” between the filter and the filter transposed, so I probably can do it by hand easily, but I thought there still must be a handy way of having FT do this for me?

Thanks for a quick hint by anybody!
Best wishes, Jonas

Dr. Jonas Obleser
Auditory Cognition Group
Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Leipzig, Germany
(p) +49 (0)341 9940 114
(e) obleser at cbs.mpg.de

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