[FieldTrip] ICA before beamforming -> change in gradiometer -> workaround?

Frederic Roux fredericroux at hotmail.de
Mon May 7 17:36:16 CEST 2012

Dear all,

I am using ICA prior to beamforming for artefact cleaning (EOG & ECG).

After running ft_componentanalysis I noticed that the gradiometer structure
is removed from the data, which is required by ft_sourceanalysis.

In a prior post I read that one could just add the grad structure from a previous version
of the data before the ICA cleaning. 


Can anyone tell me if this is the best solution, or if there is any other strategies out there?


Frédéric Roux, PhD student
Department of Neurophysiology
Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
D-60529 Frankfurt am Main
Frederic.Roux at brain.mpg.de

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