[FieldTrip] SAM option in ft_sourceanalysis

Elena Orekhova Elena.Orekhova at neuro.gu.se
Fri May 4 08:50:08 CEST 2012

Dear fieldtrippers!

I tried to use SAM beamformer for the EEG analysis,
But I have got en error (see below).
I guess that there is a bug  in ‘beamformer_sam’at line 112.

I wonder if ‘SAM’ option works at all?  Did anybody used ‘SAM’ in ‘ft_sourceanalysis’?


Error using  *
Inner matrix dimensions must agree.

Error in beamformer_sam (line 112)
inv_cov = pinv(all_cov + lambda * eye(size(all_cov)));

Error in ft_sourceanalysis (line 849)
      dip(i) = beamformer_sam(grid, sens, vol, squeeze(avg(i,:,:)),
      squeeze(Cy(i,:,:)), optarg{:});

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