[FieldTrip] Create BEM model for EEG source localisation

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Hi Maria,

You could have a look at:




Hopefully this will give you some inspiration.



On Mar 26, 2012, at 6:01 PM, Maria Pefkou wrote:

> Dear FieldTrip users,
> I started using the toolbox fairly recently to analyse EEG data and I have huge trouble making a BEM model, which I need for source localisation.
> Following the online tutorial, I processed my subjects' individual structural MRIs in FreeSurfer and MNE and managed to prepare the triangulated mesh. However, my problem is the volume conduction model. I can get a singleshell one, using the ft_prepare_singleshell function, but as far as I understand it is excusively used for MEG data. I came to this conclusion because when I try to compute the forward model, given that I provide information about the electrodes position, I always get the following error: 
> "unsupported volume conductor model for EEG".
> I guess this is because the vol.type is 'nolte' and there is no such case for EEG data, at least not in the ft_prepare_vol_sens.m function, which is automatically called.
> I have tried to prepare a BEM model using the ft_prepare_headmodel function with cfg.method='bemcp' or cfg.method='dipoli' but I was unsuccessful.
> The problem is that, after having tried various functions/options, I lost the general picture and I'm running in circles... The question is: I have a segmented mri, how can I get a BEM model out of this? I must be missing a fundamental part of the procedure but I can't quite find out what it is.
> Any suggestions/help would be very much appreciated.
> Thank you in advance,
> Maria Pefkou
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