[FieldTrip] is beamforming result correct?

Ion Lavado lavado at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 17:13:34 CET 2012

I think the result i got doing the beamforming source reconstruction is not
good as there is lot of activation at the bottom where the cerebellum is.
Can anyone confirm me it is incorrect? Possible mistake?

This is the code i used for the headmodel:

mri = ft_read_mri('/home/ilavado/ilavado/mutiT1/T1_02.mgz');
cfg = [];
cfg.interactive    = 'yes';
cfg.coordsys    = 'neuromag';
mri_real           = ft_volumerealign(cfg,mri);
[segmentedmri]   = ft_volumesegment(cfg, mri_real)
cfg = [];
cfg.coordsys       = 'neuromag';
vol02 = ft_prepare_singleshell(cfg, segmentedmri);
mri_real = rmfield(mri_real, 'pnt');

sourceDiff = source_post;
sourceDiff.avg.pow = (source_post.avg.pow - source_pre.avg.pow) ./
cfg            = []
cfg.downsample = 2;
sourceDiffInt  = ft_sourceinterpolate(cfg, sourceDiff , mri_real);
cfg = [];
cfg.coordsys      = 'ctf';
cfg.nonlinear     = 'no';
sourceDiffIntNorm = ft_volumenormalise(cfg, sourceDiffInt);

Thank you very much.


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